Welcome to The Darkdust Diaries! You may have seen them running around; a red-head, a blonde, a brunette. The Darkdust sisters, nearly identical in looks-they are triplets! But each with a distinct personality of her own.

Curious to learn more? Who are they? Where did they come from? Where have they been? And why did they return? Read the Darkdust Diaries and discover for yourself.

Kierra (The Red-Head). Always the diplomat and peacemaker, it’s no surprise that Kierra feels more at home in a cantina than on the battlefield. Watching her sisters at each other’s throats for most of her life, Kierra is very much the mother figure.

Sawyer (The Blonde). Always watching the world around her go to pieces, Sawyer has spent her life trying to build things. Her creativity has always been her escape, a haven in a galaxy on the brink of destruction.

Huntley (The Brunette). Watching one sister dance her life away and another constantly building useless things, Huntley wants nothing more than to live peacefully. Give her a clearing on the edge of a forest, preferably with a river nearby, she’s more than happy to set up camp and leave everyone to their own devices.

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